east London escorts say you should always be careful with people you do business with not everyone is as they seem

“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” many people become a victim of trusting too much to other, you never see the real color of the person until you encounter difficult times. You can’t say that a person is genuine to you when you are always together, creating memories and doing the same stuff. Sometimes, angels turn to devils when they already got you, when you already gave too much, when the benefit is over. Many people have experience being with fake friends; they thought that this so-called “friends” are true to them. But there comes in our life that was going through rocky road, those friends of yours will vanish.


We create mistakes because of being too friendly; we put ourselves into the situation that can harm us. Its like we dig our own grave. Always be observant when dealing with people, try to figure out them. Don’t be fooled by those fake smiles, and sweet words. All those things might not be real; it’s one way for them to get close to you. They will try to be kind to you until you finally give in your trust. Real enemy doesn’t play fair; sometimes they are the people that surround you. They try to look for your weakness; it’s a strategy where most people captured. Be mindful about what they say, analyze their actions towards you. Don’t get comfortable easily especially when its a new acquaintance. I believe that keeping your life private is the safest way to protect you from them. Don’t be mistaken by the good deeds they tried to show you; it may be a trap. Always be vigilant on people you are trying to enter in your life. Being alone is better than being with lots of people. The more people you let into your life, the more dangerous it is. Living peacefully is much better than having too many friends but chaos.


Being an east London escorts made me realize that these fake people exist. I got to encounter lots of people in my career, and it’s horrible knowing the fact that they can hurt somebody just because of their desires. I am also thankful for becoming an east London escorts because it is an opportunity for me to know the real color of people and to identify who are they. Being a low-key doesn’t mean you are not up to something, you just have to hide beautiful things that happened to your life in order to protect your life from bad guys. People ruin good thing of yours, don’t allow them to do so. Every time a client books me, I always get something. I learned that not all people treat you as a friend, some had a hidden agenda. Just like what my client did, because of being envious, he tried to be close to a person he wants to drag down. He told me that, there is no real friend in this world. At the end of the day, you will always have something to say about the person; there comes into your life that you want to be ahead of them. You want to excel everyone, and you can do it by faking yourself. Faking yourself is hard, you have to deal with the person you never like. You have to be happy when it’s not, until the time you already get close to them, it’s a time to stab them too. Friendship and memories don’t have value when it’s not their aim. They can easily hurt you whenever its time, and surprisingly you’ll end up being hurt.


My experiences being an east London escorts open my eyes to the real world. Perhaps, not all people don’t seem to be what they are; they only choose what they wanted to show you. Sometimes, they advised until they can fully manipulate your life. Until they have the power to put you down, And then they vanish, and there’s nothing more painful than allowing those things happen because of ourselves. We create our own headache, and sometimes, we realize stuff when it’s too late, when everything is gone and out of control.